Friday, September 9, 2011

We had a parrot when I lived at my grandmother's.  His/her-we weren't sure-name was Peter (we guessed it was a male).  He lived in a cage in the basement kitchen.  He whistled and called our dog and he would call me too.  He sounded exactly like my grandmother.
221.  The White Stag-Seredy
222.  Thimble Summer-Enright
223.  Secret Sea-White
224.  Call it Courage-Sperry
225.  The Matchlock Gun-Edmunds
226.  Johnny Tremain-Forbes
227.  Rabbit Hill-Lawson
228.  Strawberry Girl-Lenski
229.  Miss Hickory-Baily
230.  Mr. Wind and Madam Rain-DeMusset

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