Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday I was looking at old family pictures.  Many were taken in my grandparent's back yard.  Seeing those pictures brought back many memories of the family get togethers in that beautiful yard.
171.  The Case of the Twisted Candles-Keene (a Nancy Drew mystery)
172.  The Greatest Story Ever Told
173.  Beautiful Jo
174.  Stuart Little-White (I found this very sad)
175.  An Angel in the Woods-Lathrop
 176.  The Three Musketeers-Dumas
177.  Animals of the Bible-Lathrop
178.  Green Light-Douglas
179.  Mei Li-Handford
180.  They Were Strong and Good-Lawson

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day dreaming was a treasured past time.  I would read and often imagine myself in the books I would read.  My teachers always said that I would be a better student if my head were not always in the clouds.  It was my way of escaping.
151.  Dr. Doolitle-Lofting
152.  Many Moons-Thurber
153.  The Forest of Adventures-Ditmars
154.  The Egyptian-Waltari (This book was made into a movie)
155.  The Aztec Treasure House-Janvier
156.  Dark Circle of Branches-Arnier
157.  Falcon Fly Back-Blaisdell
158.  Gregorio and the White Llama-Bannon
159.  Rosebud-Bemelmans
160.  Hari, the Jungle Lad-Mukerji  

Friday, August 26, 2011

I have always loved children's literature.  I especially was drawn to the illustrations.  I usually knew who illustrated a book better than who wrote it.
141.  Perez and Martina-Belpre'
142.  A Child's Garden of Verse-Stevenson
143.  The Boats on the River-Flack
144.  Pinnochio-Collodi
145.  Lentil-McClosky
146.  Mr. Pink and the House on the Roof-Heal
147.  The Lost Queen of Egypt-Morrison
148.  In the Fog-Davis
149.  East of Antelope Island-Carr
150.  The Trumpeter of Krakew-Kelley

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My grandmother had a set of encyclopedias that were truely ancient.  They were full of all kinds of interesting facts about ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.  I loved those musty smelling old books.
131.  Marie Antonett
132.  The Odysey-Homer
133.  Russia
134.  Andersen's Fairy Tales
135.  Ivanho-Scott
136.  Mary Poppins Opens the Door-Travers
137.  Charlott's Web-White (I read it twice)
138.  Blue Barns-Sewell
139.  Roger and the Fox-Davis
140.  The Secret of the Ancient Oak-Wolo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My lists were written in the summer of 1955 when I was 17.  I didn't have a job and I didn't get to go on a vacation, so I busied myself with wish lists.
121.  The Red Horse-Moeschlin
122.  The Last Days of Pompeii-Lytton
123.  The White Stag-Seredy
124.  Greek Legends and Mythology
125.  Angelo, the Naughty One-Garrett
126.  Commercial Art
127.  Flying Saucers have Landed-Leslie and Adamski
128.  Mary
129.  McElligot's Pool-Seuss
130.  The Snow Queen-Anderson

Monday, August 22, 2011

When I read this list I wonder when I had time to read when I seem to have spent so much time making lists.
111.  Dr Hudson's Secret Journal-Douglas
112.  How Green is my Valley
113.  The Little White Horse-Gaudge
114.  Tamar
115.  Ancient Apostles
116.  Presidents of the Church
117.  Man and the Dragon-Widtsoe
118.  The Magic Rug-Parin d' Aulain
119.  The Hidden Treasure of Gaston-Jewett 
120.  Anna and the King of Siam

Friday, August 19, 2011

The list is very long.  I haven't even started.
101.  The Emerald City of Oz-Baum
102.  Lost King of Oz
103.  Thunder Cave-(a deffinite favorite)
104.  Our Wonder World
105.  Stephen Foster-Taylor
106.  Celebrated Crimes-Dumas
107.  History of Utah
108.  Bing
109.  Prince of Peace-Bryant
110.  The Angry Planet-Cross (I LOVED this little sci fi story)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Grandmother had a huge finished basement where we would escape to and live all through the hot summer months.  There was a large kitchen where she would can all of the vegetables and fruit grown in her garden.  There was a rumpus room, bathroom and several bedrooms.
When I wanted to read, I would escape to the big couch in the upstairs livingroom.  It was before air conditioning, so the room would be stiflingly hot.  I hardly noticed when immersed in a good read.
91.  Stories of Ancient Mythology
92.  Fun Fare
93.  The Twenty One Balloons-Du Bois
94.  Ancient Greek Religion-Rose
95.  Purple Prince of Oz-Baum
96.  Works of Shakespear
97.  Works of Tolstoy
98.  Vanity Fare
99.  Science Fiction Omnibus-Blieler & Rickty
100.  The Ancient Maya-Morley

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The list continues.  When there is no author it is because no author was listed after the name of the book.
81.  Book of Famous Poets
82.  The Magic of Oz-Baum
83.  The Scala-Wagons of Oz-Thompson (He must have taken over for Baum)
84.  Red Knight of Germany-Gibbons
85.  Keys of the Kingdom-Cronn
86.  Speedy in Oz-Thompson
87.  the Gnome King of Oz-Thompson
88.  The Romance of an Old Playhouse-Pyper
89.  Ozoplanning with the Wizard of Oz-Thompson
90.  Stories of Ancient Greeks

Monday, August 15, 2011

What would summer be without a stack of good books to read?  I was often enthralled with a good intriguing mystery.
71.  Doctrine and Covenants
72.  Heart Throbs of the West-Carter
73.  Jesus the Christ-Talmage
74.  Works of Edgar Allen Poe
75.  Junior Miss-Benson
76.  Book About a Thousand Things-Stimpson
77.  The Gospel Through the Ages-Hunter
78.  The Junior Classics-Collier
79.  Joseph Smith-Witdsoe
80.  The Wonder City of Oz-Baum

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I lived with my grandmother when I was a teenager.  She was wonderful, but she thought that reading was a waste of time.  She felt that the only thing that I should be doing was chores.  I became quite creative in finding time to read.
61.  Cyrano de Bergerac-a favorite
62.  Tales of Hoffman
63.  Man Eating Leopards
64.  Midnight Visitor-Sutton
65.  Arrows into the Sun-Lauritzen
66.  The Quest of the Missing Map-Kune
67.  Currier and Ives-Peters
68.  Foxes of Harrow-Yerby
69.  Captain from Castille-Shellaberger
70.  Pearl of Great Price-Abraham and Moses

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

As I transcribe the books list I remember those lazy, warm, summer days when, after the chores were done, I would find a corner and settle down to loose myself in a completely different world by escaping into the pages of a good book. 
51.  Quo Vadis
52.  Eight Cousins-Alcott
53.  The Cain Mutiny
54.  Little Men-Alcott
55.  Man Eaters of Kumaon-Corbett
56.  White Fang-London (I think)
57.  Wizard of Oz-Baum (My grandmother had all of the original Oz books)
58.  The Sea Around Us-Carson
59.  Sweet Love Remebered-Stafford
60.  Call of the Wild-London

Friday, August 5, 2011

More books

This is fun!
41.  The City in the Dawn-Allen
42.  Little Boy Lost-Hudson (I own this book and it is a treasure)
43.  Ben Hur-Wallace (Loved it)
44.  Canterbury Tales-Chaucer
45.  Magnificent Obsession
46.  Son of the Black Stallion-Farley
47.  While the Patient Slept
48.  Little Women-Alcott
49.  The Roman Empire
50.  Under the Lilacs-Alcott
I found these lists while going through old notebooks.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here we go again.  I did love to read and I read very slowly, savoring each word and image that the words conjured in my mind.  Mind you, I didn't read all of these books.  They were just the ones that I wanted to read some day.
31.  The Book of Mormon (I've since read it many times)
32.  Silver Chalice-Costain
33.  Miracle of the Bells-Janney
34.  Brave Bulls-Lea
35.  The Quest-Ursenbach
36.  King Arthur-Pyle
37.  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea-Vern
38.  Three Mulla Mulgars-De La Mare
39.  Gone with the Wind-Mitchell
40.  Winter 1951 Selections Short Stories-Readers Digest

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Continuation of the never-ending list of books I wanted to read
21.  At the back of the North Wind-McDonald
22.  Cutlass Empire-Mason
23.  King's General
24.  Adam of the Road-Gray
25.  The Great Promise-Huston
26.  The Iliad-Homer
27.  Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come-Fox
28.  The Nazarene
29.  The Dictionary-Webster
30.  Faust-Goethe
I was definitely a weird kid.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Books I own (continued)
11.  Ready of Not-Stoltz
12.  The Big Fisherman-Douglas
13.  Under the Sea Wind-Carson
14.  Tales of Terror and the Supernatural-Varios authors
15.  The Patchwork Girl of Oz-Baum
16.  The Road to Oz-Baum
17.  Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz-Baum
18.  The Golden Exile-Schoonover
19.  The Black Stallion-Farley
20.  White Banners-Douglas
That's it for now.  It is obvious that I liked fantasy and scary tales as well as animal stories and books with religious themes.