Friday, September 2, 2011

Besides reading, I loved to paint, draw and sculpt.  I was not a very good artist, but I wanted to be more than anything.  That summer I was 17 I dabbled in oil painting, drawing and sculpting and none of it was any good.
191.  Mexicana-Harnoncourt
192.  White Snow, Bright Snow-Duvoisin
193.  Song of the Swallows-Politi
194.  The Egg Tree-Milhous
195.  Caliastro-Dumas
196.  Paco Goes to the Fair-Gile and Hoke
197.  Desiree-Selinke
198.  The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle-Lofting
199.  Invitation to Live-Douglas
200.  The Dark Frigate-Hawes

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