Thursday, September 29, 2011

My favorite movie when I was a teenager was The Robe.  I saw it with my friends multiple times.  I loved how Caligula was portrayed.  I had read the book by Douglas more than once and the movie was quite different.  Movies and books seldom resemble each other, but then, books are long and movies have a time restraint. 
261.  Michelangelo
262.  Heidi-Spyrie
263.  By Spaceship to the Moon-(This book says that it would be impossible to ever travel to the moon)
264.  Jungle Animals-Buck
265.  Elsie's Holiday-Finley
266.  You Can Learn to Speak-Garff (He was my professor at the university)
267.  The First 2000 Years-Skousen (very informative)
268.  Understood Betsy
269.  The Spanish Goldfish-Glass
270.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck-Seuss

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My grandparents had a huge back yard with many trees.  They had two hammocks.  The one from Mexico was called a matrimonial hammock and was big enough to sleep three people or more.  I loved to lie in that hammock and read in the warm summer months.
161.  Escape by Night
162.  Wildlife in Color-Peterson
163.  Les Miserable-Hugo
164.  Golden Tales from Faraway
165.  There was a Horse
166.  The Count of Monte Cristo-Dumas (such adventure!)
167.  The Cheyenne Way
168.  Wild Animals of the World-Bridges and Baker (stunning art work)
169.  Dark Star of Itza-Malkuk
170.  The Princess and the Goblin-McDonald
I'll write more on Monday. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When I lived in Mexico I had a little brown and white terrier named Cafe Con Leche.  I was about 7 or 8.  I named her Cafe Con Leche (coffee with milk)  because of her color and because it was the name of my favorite candy.  I used to dress her up in doll clothes and parade her around the neighborhood.
251.  Pocahontas-Parin d' Aulain
252.  Sea Star-Henry
253.  Books of Knowledge (I read all of the parts on the ancient worlds of Rome, Egypt and Greece)
254.  Born to Trot-Henry
255.  Patty and Jo Detectives-Wright
256.  Don Quixote-Cervantes
257.  Album of Horses-Henry (I practically memmorized this book)
258.  Dog Stories for Boys and Girls-Cavanals and Wier (I read these stories over and over, my favorite-Dog of Pompeii)
259.  Misty of Chincoteague-Henry
260.  Grimm's Fairy Tales-Brothers Grimm

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I went to see my old home in Tremonton Friday.  I was born in that house and it was a lovely home.  I was sad to see how run down it is now.
241.  The Galilean
242.  Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts-(What's better than a good ghost story)
243.  What's What in the Bullfight-Campillo
244.  Arabian Nights
245.  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
246.  Rain Drop Splash-Tresselt
247.  Sonnets from the Portuguese-Browning (much loved poetry)  
248.  Works of Robert Burns-Burns (of course)
249.  Brighty of the Grand Canyon-Henry 
250.  Audubon's Animals and Birds

Monday, September 12, 2011

My grandfather had a lot trees on his property.  There were many apple trees of various varieties.  There were also peach, cherry, plum, pear and apricot trees, besides these there were weeping willows, maple trees and other ornamental trees.  The apricot tree had a perfect set of branches to sit on comfortably; a great place to relax and read.
231.  Disputed Passage-Douglas
232.  The Door in the Wall-de Angeli
233.  Amos Fortune, Free Man-Yates
234.  Imagina-Ford
235.  Wag-by-Wall-Potter
236.  Ginger Pye-Estes
237.  King of the Wind-Henry (beloved horse story)
238.  Home for Christmas-Douglas
239.  Wuthering Heights-Bronte (I lived this book as I read It)
240.  Davey and the Goblin-Canyl  

Friday, September 9, 2011

We had a parrot when I lived at my grandmother's.  His/her-we weren't sure-name was Peter (we guessed it was a male).  He lived in a cage in the basement kitchen.  He whistled and called our dog and he would call me too.  He sounded exactly like my grandmother.
221.  The White Stag-Seredy
222.  Thimble Summer-Enright
223.  Secret Sea-White
224.  Call it Courage-Sperry
225.  The Matchlock Gun-Edmunds
226.  Johnny Tremain-Forbes
227.  Rabbit Hill-Lawson
228.  Strawberry Girl-Lenski
229.  Miss Hickory-Baily
230.  Mr. Wind and Madam Rain-DeMusset

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We had a dog named Blondie.  She was a beautiful golden cocker spaniel.  She really loved my grandmother.  I wanted her to be my dog, but her adoration was focused on my grandmother.  It reminded me of a story I read in a book of dog stories about a little boy who cried himself to sleep each night because he wanted their dog to love him best and the dog was devoted to the boys mother. 
211.  The Cat Who Went to Heaven-Coatsworth
212.  Waterless Mountain-Armer 
213.  Blue Fairy Book-Lang
214.  Yung Fu of the Upper Yangtzy-Lewis
215.  Invincible Louisa-Meigs
216.  Precious Jeopardy-Douglas (I was a fan of Douglas)
217.  Dobry-Shannon
218.  Caddie Woodlawn-Brink
219.  Roller Skates-Sawyer
220.  Bambino the Clown-Schreiber

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No time for much writing today-grandkids here.
201.  Legend of Sleepy Hollow-Irving
202.  Tales from Silver Lands-Finger
203.  Shen of the Sea-Chrisman
204.  Mary Poppins-Travers
205.  Gay Neck-Mukerji
206.  Smokey the Cow Horse-James
207.  Song of Ruth
208.  Hitty, Her First 100 Years-Field
209.  Oliver Twist-Dickens
210.  Paji-Kaviat

Friday, September 2, 2011

Besides reading, I loved to paint, draw and sculpt.  I was not a very good artist, but I wanted to be more than anything.  That summer I was 17 I dabbled in oil painting, drawing and sculpting and none of it was any good.
191.  Mexicana-Harnoncourt
192.  White Snow, Bright Snow-Duvoisin
193.  Song of the Swallows-Politi
194.  The Egg Tree-Milhous
195.  Caliastro-Dumas
196.  Paco Goes to the Fair-Gile and Hoke
197.  Desiree-Selinke
198.  The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle-Lofting
199.  Invitation to Live-Douglas
200.  The Dark Frigate-Hawes

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My friend owned horses.  I went horseback riding with her into the foothills of Bountiful, Utah.  I loved it and I felt like one of the characters in the many novels I had read.
181.  Maria Rosa-Jelsey
182.  The Little House-Burton
183.  Marigold Garden-Greenway
184.  I was Hitler's Doctor-Krugger 
185.  The Rest of the Road-Blanding
186.  Many Moons-Slobodkin
187.  Prayer for a Child-Jones
188.  Blue Eyed Lady-Molnar
189.  Forgive Us Our Trespasses-Douglas
190.  The Little Island-Wiesgard