Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My grandparents had a huge back yard with many trees.  They had two hammocks.  The one from Mexico was called a matrimonial hammock and was big enough to sleep three people or more.  I loved to lie in that hammock and read in the warm summer months.
161.  Escape by Night
162.  Wildlife in Color-Peterson
163.  Les Miserable-Hugo
164.  Golden Tales from Faraway
165.  There was a Horse
166.  The Count of Monte Cristo-Dumas (such adventure!)
167.  The Cheyenne Way
168.  Wild Animals of the World-Bridges and Baker (stunning art work)
169.  Dark Star of Itza-Malkuk
170.  The Princess and the Goblin-McDonald
I'll write more on Monday. 

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