Thursday, September 29, 2011

My favorite movie when I was a teenager was The Robe.  I saw it with my friends multiple times.  I loved how Caligula was portrayed.  I had read the book by Douglas more than once and the movie was quite different.  Movies and books seldom resemble each other, but then, books are long and movies have a time restraint. 
261.  Michelangelo
262.  Heidi-Spyrie
263.  By Spaceship to the Moon-(This book says that it would be impossible to ever travel to the moon)
264.  Jungle Animals-Buck
265.  Elsie's Holiday-Finley
266.  You Can Learn to Speak-Garff (He was my professor at the university)
267.  The First 2000 Years-Skousen (very informative)
268.  Understood Betsy
269.  The Spanish Goldfish-Glass
270.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck-Seuss

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