Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Grandmother had a huge finished basement where we would escape to and live all through the hot summer months.  There was a large kitchen where she would can all of the vegetables and fruit grown in her garden.  There was a rumpus room, bathroom and several bedrooms.
When I wanted to read, I would escape to the big couch in the upstairs livingroom.  It was before air conditioning, so the room would be stiflingly hot.  I hardly noticed when immersed in a good read.
91.  Stories of Ancient Mythology
92.  Fun Fare
93.  The Twenty One Balloons-Du Bois
94.  Ancient Greek Religion-Rose
95.  Purple Prince of Oz-Baum
96.  Works of Shakespear
97.  Works of Tolstoy
98.  Vanity Fare
99.  Science Fiction Omnibus-Blieler & Rickty
100.  The Ancient Maya-Morley

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