Monday, August 29, 2011

Day dreaming was a treasured past time.  I would read and often imagine myself in the books I would read.  My teachers always said that I would be a better student if my head were not always in the clouds.  It was my way of escaping.
151.  Dr. Doolitle-Lofting
152.  Many Moons-Thurber
153.  The Forest of Adventures-Ditmars
154.  The Egyptian-Waltari (This book was made into a movie)
155.  The Aztec Treasure House-Janvier
156.  Dark Circle of Branches-Arnier
157.  Falcon Fly Back-Blaisdell
158.  Gregorio and the White Llama-Bannon
159.  Rosebud-Bemelmans
160.  Hari, the Jungle Lad-Mukerji  

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