Friday, July 29, 2011

I have ended my list of music that I owned.  I have added many songs and albums through the years.  I need to note that the music that I loved had to be passionate as most Latin and opera music is.  My love for classical music is forever in my heart.
Now for the books I wanted to read.  This is a very long list and many I never did read.  In a sense, my eyes were bigger than my ability to consume.
There are 361 titles, many are children's or books written for young people, and many others would be way above the head of a 17 year old, but I did aim high.
1.  Daddy Long Legs-Webster
2.  In Our Image-Harte (I loved this Biblical book with stunning illustrations)
3.  Homes and Habits of Wild Animals-Schmidt
4.  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-Wiggens
5.  My Name is Aram-Sarroyan
6.  The Bible
7.  Dickens Stories about Children
8.  Flute of the Smoking Mirror-Gillmore
9.  Diary of a Young Girl-Frank
10.  The Robe-Douglas

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